Over the last two years, PPE supplies have become more familiar in the broader culture. Personal protective equipment has been necessary for many individuals working and living in close contact with ill patients. PPE is designed to make sure those treating individuals and those being treated are safe and secure. However, this kind of equipment is rarely reusable, meaning that facilities and companies need to have a steady and reliable supply. SGSD Medical Supplies in Owings Mills, Maryland, offers companies the necessary access to PPE they need to serve their customers by providing the most cost-effective PPE supplies available.

What Is PPE?

examples of PPE suppliesA wide range of items constitutes personal protective equipment or what is more commonly referred to as PPE. For instance, protective clothing like masks, gloves, goggles, and face shields are frequently used by healthcare professionals, senior care professionals, and those who serve individuals at detox and rehabilitation facilities. PPE supplies are designed to protect the wearer from injury and the spread of infection or contagious disease.

PPE is a major component of delivering safe care in healthcare settings like hospitals and clinics, and treatment facilities offering detox and rehabilitation from substance use disorder. In rehab and detox, treatment professionals frequently administer medications to help individuals deal with withdrawal symptoms and manage cravings. However, those to provide the medications need to be safe themselves. PPE provides a barrier between infectious, toxic, or intoxicating contaminants that can be transmitted through one’s skin and mucous membranes (mouth, nose, or eyes).

When used properly, PPE, along with hand-washing, sanitizer use, and covering coughs and sneezes, minimizes the spread of infection. It also gives medical and treatment professionals the peace of mind and security necessary to deliver care.

Types of PPE

Whether for a rehab facility, detox, outpatient program, sober living, or aftercare, personal protective gear comes in various forms. There are three forms of personal protective equipment that are most frequently used and needed, such as:

Head protection:

Perhaps the most familiar form of this kind of protection involves equipment to avoid harm from falling or swinging objects, i.e., helmets or hard hats. Depending on the maintenance your facility needs or the programs offered (for example, equine therapy or other experiential programs), head protection will be necessary. Yet also in this category are items like hairnets, hoods, and face shields.

Hand protection:

Providing medications in the form of hypodermics or IVs, doing physical exams, or handling drug testing kits like urine analysis all require hand protection. This, of course, covers disposable gloves, yet depending on the material handled, individuals will need different gloves and gauntlets of varying durability.

Eye and face protection:

Over the last year and a half, many people have become more familiar with face masks to prevent the spread of airborne infections. Masks such as these are usually not reusable or have a limited shelf life. Because of this, medical and addiction treatment facilities need to have a reliable source of face and eye protection (like goggles or glasses).

Some other forms of PPE may address respiratory protection, hearing protection, foot protection, and body protection. These types of PPE are unlikely to be necessary for a rehab facility. However, SGSD Medical Supplies can guide clients through these forms of PPE and the more frequently needed listed above.

Let SGSD Medical Supplies Be Your PPE Supplier

masks used as PPE suppliesFinding reliable personal protective equipment is vital to any rehabilitation facility. SGSD Medical Supplies can not only cover your company’s PPE supply needs but also:

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