individual testing durable medical equipment SGSD Medical Supplies in Owings Mills, Maryland, can be your go-to supplier of durable medical equipment if you are operating a detox or rehabilitation facility. Our network allows your company to avoid wasting time searching and dealing with wholesalers or distributors. We remove needless expenses and barriers so you can get the DME you need when you need it.

What Is Durable Medical Equipment?

To be considered durable medical equipment or DME, items must meet certain criteria:

  • Perhaps the most important is the ability to withstand repeated and heavy use (i.e., durability). Usually, DME has a minimum expected lifetime of three years.
  • The item in question has been prescribed or approved for a specific medical use or medical reason. Typically, DME isn’t of use to someone who isn’t injured, ill, or in recovery.
  • The item can be effectively used in an individual’s home or workplace.

Sometimes DME can include special exceptions that, while not technically medical items, serve a medical purpose. Usually, these items serve a therapeutic purpose. For example, gel pads or heat lamps for a medical rather than a soothing or cosmetic purpose would fall into this category.

Durable medical equipment isn’t complicated to use. It is designed to allow individuals to go about their daily activities with as little disruption to their routine as possible as they recover. Therefore, DME is extremely practical. It is not an item meant to be used once or twice. Nor is it something that only comes out for use during special occasions. Thus, because DME isn’t designed for single-use, it’s vital that individuals and those who treat them are guaranteed items of the highest quality. This is the approach of SGSD Medical Supplies. We make sure all equipment we offer not only meets the criteria for DME but is appropriate for the individual or facility’s needs.

Kinds of Durable Medical Equipment for Rehabs

Durable medical equipment encompasses a lot of different items. For instance, the following is a list of common DME:

  • example of durable medical equipmentBlood sugar meters and testing strips
  • Canes and crutches
  • Infusion pumps and supplies
  • Lancet devices and lancets
  • Nebulizers and nebulizer medications
  • Oxygen equipment and accessories
  • Walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters

For many individuals in detox and rehab, there may be mobility issues due to long-term substance use. Complications can arise during detox requiring support. These complications are usually due to underlying health issues masked by the individual’s substance use disorder. Upon working through withdrawal and beginning treatment, the individual may need DME both during rehab and afterward.

When receiving treatment, mobility may be affected. Perhaps one of the most complicated and expensive types of durable medical equipment rehabs need to have on-hand are wheelchairs. Individuals may respond to medication and detoxification in ways that hamper their mobility. Thus wheelchairs are the most effective means for patients to get around during treatment. However, whether manual or powered, wheelchairs require proper maintenance and direction in use, whether by a patient or treatment professional.

Our team at SGSD Medical Supplies can guide clients through what DME would be most effective for the services offered. At the same time, we can educate and explain the equipment’s necessary maintenance, so customers get the most out of their DME.

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