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woman looking for medical suppliesDetox and rehabilitation facilities have unique needs when it comes to medical supplies for addiction treatment. Not only do facilities need to have the necessary equipment on hand to provide the medications and support to clients, but companies must also have the medical supplies they need to protect workers. SGSD Medical Supplies in Owings Mills, Maryland, provides your treatment company with the supplies it needs to provide high-quality care without disruption or delay.

Medical Supplies for Addiction Treatment

There is an array of new medical equipment designed to help rehab facilities improve their detoxification therapy and treatment. When individuals come to an addiction treatment program, they have specific and unique medical needs. During detox, some of these individuals will need support for health conditions that were masked by their substance use disorder. Facilities will need to have on-hand many of the medical supplies commonly seen in hospitals and clinics, ranging from disposable items like gloves, syringes, IVs, gowns, and other PPE to more significant hardware.

In residential treatment, patients are in close, regular contact with one another and staff. This requires the appropriate equipment to be on hand should an emergency arise. However, there are some everyday supplies that all facilities need to help them deliver the care they desire. Administering medications requires the appropriate supplies to measure dosage and to monitor patient progress. Given the amount of turnover many facilities experience, having the proper cleaning and disinfecting supplies is key in preventing communicable diseases from spreading.

While detox programs likely require the most medical supplies, aftercare programs also must have access to the necessary items to service patients. In sober living, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient programs, facilities need to be prepared to cover the basic needs of patients and staff.

What Are Some Medical Supplies Rehabs Need?

Basic medical supplies can include:

Items for wound care:

Bandages, gauze, and sutures should patients harm themselves or another patient or staff member during the course of treatment.

Needles and syringes:

Administering medication for substance use disorder treatment is often in pill form, but some may require being taken through injection.

IV therapy:

Having the necessary items to administer pain medication or some other type of slow-release medication requires having the appropriate IV (intravenous) medical supplies like infusion pumps and start kits.

Infection control:

When patients have abused drugs or alcohol over the long-term, they can let their health deteriorate. In the process of getting treatment for their substance use disorder, they may have wounds, lesions, or other infections that they had ignored while using but now must be addressed. Facilities need to be prepared.

Diabetic supplies:

Millions of people suffer from some form of diabetes. Thus, facilities need to have the necessary medical equipment to not just accommodate patients but employees as well.


During detox, it may be necessary to provide patients with catheters that require having urinary drain bags, trays, securement, external and intermittent catheters.

Every facility needs to have these basic medical supplies to ensure that patients and employees have access to the materials and equipment they need to deliver the level of care expected.

Discover How SGSD Medical Supplies Can Meet Your Needs

Medical supplies for rehabilitation and detox facilities, as well as sober living programs and aftercare, need to be something your company knows it can rely upon getting without difficulty. SGSD Medical Supplies can make sure getting and maintaining medical supplies hassle-free. Aside from medical supplies, we also provide:

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