happy woman after learning about SGSD Medical SuppliesSGSD Medical Supplies in Owings Mills, Maryland, provides addiction treatment facilities and drug rehabs with medical supplies and durable medical equipment necessary to meet the health care requirements of patients. We secure your supply chain by removing any anxiety so your team can focus on delivering the highest levels of care possible. By ordering in volume, we can remove needless delays and expenses dealing with wholesalers or distributors. This allows you to get the most out of your budget while still getting the highest quality supplies and equipment.

Our Services

We can provide a broad range of medical supplies and equipment such as UA testing kits, fentanyl dipsticks, personal protective equipment, or PPE such as shields, masks, gloves, glasses). Also, SGSD Medical Supplies provides durable medical equipment, including catheters, wheelchairs and walkers, canes and crutches, nebulizers, and portable oxygen.

Medical Supply Products

Facilities that treat addiction and substance use disorder have very specific needs when serving their clients. Medical supplies for addiction treatment cover the basic needs for detox and medication-assisted treatment (or MAT). To keep staff safe and effectively deliver the support clients needs, facilities need to know their rehabilitation supplies and equipment are secure and reliable.

PPE Supplies

Personal protective equipment or PPE has become more familiar to the public due in no small part to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, personal protective equipment has always been a key component in delivering care to individuals in substance use disorder treatment or any other medical treatment program. As a PPE Supplier, SGSD Medical Supplies in Owings Mills, Maryland, provides personal protective equipment for drug rehabs and medical shields, medical masks, medical gloves, and medical glasses, ensuring the safety of professionals delivering care and those receiving it.

Drug Testing Kits

When individuals arrive at rehab, treatment professionals need to know they can get an accurate understanding of the substances in the client’s system. Likewise, during rehab, drug testing needs to be conducted to monitor an individual’s detoxification progress and ensure they aren’t still using in some form or another. Here are SGSD Medical Supplies, we provide urine drug screening and other drug testing equipment that professionals know they can rely on for accuracy and ease of use. We provide the means for urinalysis and drug testing for rehabs while clients are in treatment and for when they leave a program entering outpatient care or aftercare.

Durable Medical Equipment

Many health conditions require individuals to rely on specific medical equipment to complete daily activities. These issues can range from simple mobility issues necessitating walkers, canes, wheelchairs, scooters, or crutches to electronic equipment to monitor an individual’s condition like diabetes. Similarly, some individuals need durable medical supplies like ventilators, nebulizers, and oxygen so they can go about their daily lives. No matter what kind of durable medical equipment your facility needs, our network can connect you with cost-effective and quality supplies.

Discover How SGSD Medical Supplies Can Meet Your Needs

No matter what medical supplies or equipment your rehab facility or addiction treatment program needs, SGSD Medical Supplies secures your supply chain, ensuring you’re never without the equipment necessary to meet clients’ needs. Our team works with you to ensure your facility or program gets precisely the right items for the best price. Doing so allows your team of medical professionals and addiction treatment experts to deliver the best quality of care because we remove any worry.

Reach out to us today to get started. Our team is prepared to go over your needs and present you with a wide range of options that you can choose from and alter as necessary.